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You Serve Gluten Free Food? Well It Sucks!

It is hard to find gluten free pizza that can be considered a half way decent gluten free food!

Your Gluten Free Food is Awful and so is Your Gluten Free Pizza

As I continue on my gluten free journey, I am starting to notice a very disturbing trend when it comes how people are cooking gluten free food. Restaurants all over the world are jumping on the gluten free bandwagon to try and accommodate those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Its great that there are a growing number of GF supporters out there but I have to wonder how many of these so called “supporters” are serving gluten free food for the right reasons.

Your Gluten-Free Food… SUCKS!

Trying to find a tasty gluten free food option is not an easy task.  Most GF birds will tell you that it is best to prepare your own dishes to avoid any risk of getting terribly ill.  I agree with this testament. However, it is also easier said than done.

There are nights where you may not have the time to cook and need to find another solution like my delicious gluten free Greek burger.  Before going gluten-free, this was not too difficult.  Now, its almost like I am clueless when it comes to knowing where to get a quality gluten-free meal.  I emphasize quality here.  To tell the truth….I am getting sick and tired (GF pun intended) of ordering gluten-free meals and almost vomiting it back onto the table.  Your gluten-free meal sucks!

Gluten-Free Pizza

Where do I even start?

My wife and I live in an area that is well known for its restaurants.  We are pizza lovers at heart but can no longer enjoy a nice, hot, cheesy New York slice…Yummmmm.  So if we are craving pizza we revert to places that advertise “Gluten-Free Pizza”  A few months ago you would not even see this on a pizza place’s menu.  Now, almost everywhere you look you will see big signs outside trying to advertise their new Gluten Free Pizza.

Last night we decided to order a gluten-free pie from a well known pizza restaurant in our area.  Mind you when I say pie I am referring to the 8 inch personal pan bullshit these restaurants have the gall to charge 14 bucks for.  Their “Now Serving Gluten-Free Pizza” billboard was new so we figured we would give it a shot.

I could not believe how disgusting this was.  It was the saddest attempt at cooking pizza I have ever seen.  It was insulting.  The fact that I just paid almost $15 for this garbage bothered me incredibly.

I am typically not one to write negative reviews about a company or food establishment. I am not in the business of spotlighting faults. I love to write positive reviews which you can check out in my Gluten Free Food Reviews section.

I still haven’t decided what to do about this particular restaurant.


What do you think I should do?  Advice is greatly appreciated!

The reason I am so infuriated by this is because it is so obvious that restaurants are trying to make a quick buck by promoting their shitty gluten free food.  

Hey Restaurant Owners….

Either you are going to do it or your not.  Stop making a complete mockery of the GF community by slapping together a bunch of weird ingredients to create your signature “gluten-free meal.”  It sucks!  So to be completely honest I would rather see you have NO gluten free food options as opposed to the poison you are selling to us.  There HAS to be a better way.  Chefs and cooks are usually pretty proud of their dish after it comes out of the oven.  So I ask you pseudo-gluten free food cooks: Are you proud of what you are creating or are you just cooking something to shut these annoying gluten free people up?  My uneducated guess would suggest the latter.

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Amen! I wholeheartedly agree that most gluten-free food available sucks! Thank you for writing this. I think the problem really stems from ignorance. Restaurants and most people creating gluten-free recipes have no idea how complicated the really are. There is a “good enough for gluten-free” mentality that unfortunately seems to be the norm.

That is why I started a blog called Only Taste Matters where I develop gluten-free recipes that taste good, period, not just “good for gluten-free.”

As for what to do about this restaurant, I have a feeling that you will encounter many of these. So I would chalk this up as a blanket review for all the bad gluten-free food out there and just keep focusing on the good reviews. That is clearly what makes you happy anyway. Plus you can always add to this one if you have another bad experience, which let’s face it, you will probably have.


DHead says:

Hey Elle,
Thanks! I couldn’t agree with you more. I will certainly have to venture over to your blog to check out some of your recipes. It really is so hard to find good gluten free food, but I am relentless and I will sooner or later!

I decided not to give them a bad review. No point in my opinion. I realize that this whole gluten-free thing is fairly new to a lot of people, restaurant owners included. So I guess some slack needs to be given. But in the next year or so I expect gluten free foods to get much tastier. At least I hope…

DHead says:

Hi Sue Allen,

I am originally from Long Island myself. And to be honest, once I moved down to Florida I gave up looking for good pizza all together because there is no such thing.

Lately I have been going with the meat and veggies option. :)

Sue Allen Clayton says:

My husband, self and 2 kids are all diagnosed celiacs (since 2001). I’ve given up on finding good pizza on Long Island. Sorry to be so negative. We make ours at home, using a mix for the crust, and it’s okay. Eventually your taste buds will adjust to the GF pizza or — like we have — you’ll learn to order meat and veggies when you’re at a restaurant. Good luck!

Tina says:

It takes a lot of time, patience and consistency to work with restaurant owners. They need to be educated in where the best place to order products is and how they make a pizza that is free from cross contamination when they have so many opportunities for this to happen. There are several in our area that do a really great job, but that did not happen overnight. It happened by speaking to the restaurant owner/General Manager about their “less than stellar” product and helping them find better products. It is definitely difficult for restaurants to learn all this too. The ones that we find that do a great job are the ones that have had first-hand experience with a celiac or gluten-sensitive person in their family or have spent a great deal of time figuring it out. We have to be kind in our dealings with the restaurant. If we are unkind and tell them their stuff sucks and are difficult, that will not encourage them to change or improve. I know its frustrating as we continue to educate after several years, but the ones that get it are just that much more appreciated by us and we make sure we tout great ones so that they do get more business.

DHead says:

You hit it right on the head Tina. It is all about the education! Too many people are trying to jump on this so called bandwagon for all of the wrong reasons. We need to elevate the awareness across the board so that we can eat some better quality GF Food. I am interested in finding an all Gluten Free Restaurant. Know of any?

I agree, it is very disappointing trying to eat out gluten free, though for what it’s worth, it has gotten better. My family and I have been off gluten for 19 years and I guarantee you, it was worse then. But really, there’s no excuse for the poor quality. Even if pizzarias have to order frozen gf pizzas, they can add toppings and make them better.

Hang in there – and check out my dedicated gf bakery (I ship, and I make killer pizza crusts!)

hwd937 says:

I completely agree. You are correct.. There is no excuse for poor quality!

I will be visiting your site to order some of your killer pizza crusts!


“I have to wonder how many of these so called “supporters” are serving gluten-free meals for the right reasons.”

Think about it this way: let’s say there are 5,000 ‘conventional’ pizzerias in NYC. Over the last ten years, customers have been increasingly walking in to each one and asking for a GF option.

As you know, it’s impossible for a traditional pizzeria to produce a GF option unless they have a separate facility. So the pizzeria owner has three choices:

1) Create a new facility (there are actually a couple that have done this, I do business with some of them.)
2) Order the frozen pie crusts from a company such as Still Riding.
3) Do nothing and watch the customer walk down the block.

Often times it is just one customer within a group of 4 or 5, so, by sending them away, they’re losing an entire meal – and possibly a repeat customer for life.

So I do not think that it is a mockery to want to at least have the option on the menu, so that if a little league team walks in after a ballgame, and there’s one kid out of twenty who can’t eat a regular slice, the kid’s meal isn’t completely ruined.

If you don’t like it, don’t order it again.

Do I wish there were better tasting options than the pizza you described? Yes – and, there are. I happen to be a distributor for this brand: … but that requires a facility to prepare it in.

Quite frankly the best thing you can do about it to capture the market. There is a huge market out there wide open for someone to figure out how to make consistently good, fresh, GF pizza. NYC has plenty of GF bakeries, but, no GF pizzerias.

I’ve often wondered why nobody tried to open one yet.

– Matt F

hwd937 says:

Matt, you make several valid points here. Maybe the quality of gluten-free food will get better over time.

I am also baffled that nobody has opened up a GF pizzeria in NYC. We should get on it!

hwd937 says:

Forgot to mention that your words have inspired a new idea for a blog post! Thanks, Matt!

I’ve written a few articles on GF pizza and bread, check it out on my blog
Feel free to order some of my GF/DF Biscotti for dessert! They are sweetened with coconut palm sugar, which is low glycemic. :)
Be Well & Thrive, Lauren

hwd937 says:

Thanks Lauren. I went to your blog and saw your GF Biscotti. I must admit that I began to salivate!

So disappointing isn’t it? So sorry. We had the same experience recently. I highly recommend Still Riding Pizza Crust from Connecticut. I always give this info to restaurant managers. Amici’s Pizza in CA uses it. Just need to order it extra crispy to ensure it’s not doughy in the middle.
You can order it online to be delivered to your home! It comes in a pizza box, already rolled out! You just add sauce, toppings and bake!

Page says:

I have found that most all the GF pizzas that are served in restaurants come frozen pre-made. I have had little luck in finding a restaurant that serves GF food tastes like food (besides the menu that tells you to order the salad with out croutons). I have an amazing blend of flours that I can convert any wheat recipe with minor adjustments and it tastes amazing. I have tried to open a bakery but cannot afford it. I would be happy to send you a pizza recipe if you are willing to try it at home. Just email me and I will email you the recipe.

Good luck!

hwd937 says:

Hi Page, Yes! I would love to try your recipe. If you can send it to me I will be sure to write a review. Thanks so much!

Donna Word, (Labelreader) says:

I must admit bout the Pizza, check this out tho…I can’t even have Pizza, due to my Korn Intolerance, just hope u do not get that Intolerance…GF pizza is dusted with Korn Meal, so that leaves me out, and I can just about have only one bread that I found at Miglets Bakery in Danville Ca. Namely, “Against the Grain”, so you just have to stick it out!…is what it is.

hwd937 says:

Hi Page, can you please email me at


You are right on with this post.

I am about to publish a cookbook-memoir, Tales of A Gluten-Free Gypsy, about the dangers of the gluten-free diet fad. Ir is very dangerous when you don’t know what you are doing and can lead to life threatening diseases.

Contact me at I would love to chat with you.

hwd937 says:

I look forward to Tales of A Gluten-Free Gypsy! :)

Jess says:

Just don’t eat food that usually have gluten in it! Go restaurants and order the grilled fish and brown rice- or an amazing salad with free range chicken… all with olive oil on the side and no dressings.. don’t order gluten free bread items and expect them to taste the same as gluten-food. Sorry but you are going to have to just give up bread and pizza and donuts — eat real food!

hwd937 says:

Thanks Jess! I agree with you, but it is certainly easier said than done!